Sweet Fish Media’s Approach to Culture

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Ah, the watercooler: The plastic chalice holding the building blocks for life and company culture.

It’s where employees slake their thirst, share their trials and tribulations and grow together as a team.

So, how do you guide a culture without it? 

Our guest today, Ryan Drawdy, Director of Culture & People Ops here at Sweet Fish Media, is an expert at crafting culture without the watercooler.

In fact, our team spans the globe, working fully remotely. We don’t even have to wear pants to work… as long as we remember not to stand up in video calls. 

So, Ryan’s job can be a tough one: How do you build a great culture remotely?

In this episode, Ryan goes over:

  • Why culture can’t be manufactured, but can be facilitated
  • How a simple “question of the day” can make a big difference for your culture
  • Why your employees’ goals and struggles outside of work are just as important as the ones within work

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James Carbary

Founder at Sweet Fish Media

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