10 Ways to Stand Out as a Sales Pro w/ Dale Dupree

Dale Dupree

Founder at The Sales Rebellion

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The B2B Sales Show is a podcast dedicated to helping B2B sales professionals engage their target accounts, successfully navigate the sales process, and ultimately become more effective sellers.

What if the 10 secrets to standing out as a sales professional weren’t actually secrets at all? 

They’re not. 

Rather than try to sell you steps to success, what if someone just shared with you the things that worked for them, and you could implement them in your own career, helping you to stand out? 

On this episode of the B2B Sales Show, co host Dale Dupree gives 10 ways to set yourself apart as a sales professional. 

Dale, a.ka., the Copier Warrior, is the Founder of The Sales Rebellion, and also hosts another podcast called the Selling Local podcast.

What we talked about:Why making a TV commercial may be a great idea Why the receptionist is the first person in the office you need to win over.  Sometimes all it takes is a lunch.  Why you should be building alliances instead of just chasing one person

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