What a CEO in the Trenches Can Teach Us About the Current Crisis

I usually like to start off these posts with something eye-catching. Maybe a few engaging lines to capture your attention, then a pivot to the main topic. 

But these are crazy, unprecedented times worldwide. Is it weird to act normally, when the world is anything but?

Of course not. In fact, we have to. And this is especially true in sales — you just need to find new ways to carry on as normal. 

That’s exactly how Shawn Finder is approaching this crisis. And he’s right.

Shawn is the CEO of Autoklose and he’s used to being in the trenches. 

After building his first product, he was the sales team. 

He’d also pose as his helpful alter-ego, Jeffery, a member of the support team, to learn exactly how he could build better products.

His time in the trenches has prepared him for a new battle — a new opportunity to get hands-on. It’s also made him understand what his sales team is going through.

Shawn and I discussed:

  • Why it’s important for leaders to get hands-on
  • How to carry on in the face of a crisis
  • How to support your team as a family

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