How to Build a High-Velocity Sales Team w/ Brendon Cassidy

Don Erwin

Head of Revenue at MixMax

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The B2B Sales Show is a podcast dedicated to helping B2B sales professionals engage their target accounts, successfully navigate the sales process, and ultimately become more effective sellers.

You’re walking into a sales team with a team already in place. What should you do? Tear it down and build it back up? Or work with what you have?

In this episode, co-host Don Erwin interviews Brendon Cassidy, Founder of Cassidy Ventures. Brendan has plenty of experience consulting with companies about their sales teams and giving them the “unvarnished truth” about how much work needs to be done.

In this one, he covers:How to take over a sales team “mid-trot” How he recommends great sales executives Advice for VPs of Sales working with first-time founders So much more

This episode is co-hosted by Don Erwin, Head of Revenue at Mixmax.

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