Let’s Finally Put an End to Presenteeism

Have you seen the news about the coronavirus hurtling us headlong toward the apocalypse?

I’m no doctor, but I know one thing to stamp out if we don’t want to dust off our leather marauder gear any time soon:

Presenteeism. It spreads disease and, more importantly, it hurts our sales.

That’s what Belal Batrawy, Founder of the #Death2Fluff community on Bravado, came on today’s show to talk about.

He opened my eyes to the fact that, in sales, we might already live in a Mad Max wasteland. 

And presenteeism — not nuclear war or asteroids — got us here.

Belal went over:

  • How presenteeism spreads disease and hurts our economy
  • Why KPIs favoring quantity over quality lead to fake calls and other wasted time
  • Why, ultimately, the problem with presenteeism comes down to bad leadership

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