Sales Effectiveness: Use Data-Driven Approaches w/ Brad Rosen

Brad Rosen

VP of Revenue Operations at G2

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The B2B Sales Show is a podcast dedicated to helping B2B sales professionals engage their target accounts, successfully navigate the sales process, and ultimately become more effective sellers.

What’s real, valuable data and what’s just noise?

That’s the magic question.

Luckily, we don’t have to use magic to figure out which data sets are useful. In this episode of The B2B Sales Show, co-host Brad Rosen from G2 shares several ways to use data to inform sales effectiveness.

He discusses:Leveraging data to increase the likelihood of landing meetings and closing deals Pulling useful data from your own platform Analyzing activity at all pipeline stages to inform each rep’s sales process

This series is co-hosted by Brad Rosen at G2.

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