The Fine Art of Being Candid with Your Boss w/ Ryan Longfield

Don Erwin

Head of Revenue at MixMax

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Why is it important to have radical candor with your CEO? Complete honesty with the boss feels scary to people who are worried about their jobs, but should it?

What if we pulled the question out of the work context and asked: why is it important to have an open, honest, and transparent relationship with your wife, husband, or good friend?

If you were going to do something where you need a high level of trust, you’re moving fast, you’d need to be transparent and direct, wouldn’t you?

On this episode of The B2B Sales Show, Don Erwin interviews Ryan Longfield, CRO of Gong, about managing up and managing down. In this wide-ranging conversation, they talk about trust, candor, interviewing for a killer hire, and coaching your team to build a repeatable pipeline.

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