How to Create a Great B2B Sales Experience

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In 2014, the average company had six competitors. In 2019, the average company had 54 competitors. (HubSpot)

Maybe your product or service has really cool features. But if you’re not prioritizing great customer experience, the rest isn’t going to matter.

HubSpot and Inbound guru, Dan Tyre, shares how to create a meaningful B2B sales experience for any industry in this #Growth episode.

Plus, Dan and Todd chat about:

  • Why the customer experience is so critical for any B2B company today
  • How to create and target buyer personas
  • How treating people like human beings will help you scale your business up

Check out Dan and Todd’s book, Inbound Organization.

This #Growth episode is hosted by Todd Hockenberry, Consultant, Advisor, & Coach for industrial manufacturing companies at Top Line Results.

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Todd Hockenberry

CEO at Top Line Results

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