How Custom Manufacturing Helps Re-Shore Supply Chains

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It’s pretty obvious 2020 has changed the world. 

COVID-19 exposed weaknesses we didn’t know we had…

Especially when it comes to supply chains.

Our guest today is Gregory Paulsen, Director of Application Engineering at Xometry, a company that may help change how we look at supply chains. 

Xometry is a custom manufacturing marketplace designed to make the procurement process easier for domestic buyers and suppliers. 

What we talked about:

  • How Xometry is taking the pain out of the procurement process
  • How large marketplaces like Xometry can help with re-shoring efforts. 
  • The challenge of reaching your target audience (and how to overcome it)

This #Growth episode is hosted by Todd Hockenberry, Consultant, Advisor, & Coach for industrial manufacturing companies at Top Line Results.

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Todd Hockenberry

CEO at Top Line Results

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