Using Handheld LIBS for Positive Material Identification

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Positively identifying materials in 1-3 seconds? Malarkey!

Not so fast. It’s possible as long as the sample has been properly prepped. The tool? Handheld LIBS.

In this #MastersofPMI episode, I discuss the benefits of using handheld LIBS for positive material identification (PMI).

Plus, we cover:

  • The misconceptions surrounding the handheld LIBS
  • Mistakes to avoid when using the handheld LIBS for PMI
  • Why the handheld LIBS is probably the most cost-efficient instrument for PMI

Brands I mention: SciAps, Thermo Niton, Hitachi, Bruker, Rigaku

The #MastersofPMI series is hosted by Chris Carolan of the Metal Analysis Group.

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Chris Carolan

Metals Consultant at Metal Analysis Group

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