LIBS vs. OES vs. XRF: PMI Testing Techniques

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LIBS, OES, and XRF all have their pros and cons. But, when you get down to it, it all depends on the scenario.

When should you use LIBS vs. OES vs. XRF for PMI testing? That’s the question co-host Chris Carolan is helping us answer today.

In this #MastersofPMI episode, Chris discusses:

  • 4 questions to ask before settling on a PMI testing technique
  • The pros and cons of using LIBS vs. OES vs. XRF for PMI testing
  • Why it’s essential to fully understand your specific application of PMI before choosing a technique

The #MastersofPMI series is hosted by Chris Carolan of the Metal Analysis Group.

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Chris Carolan

Metals Consultant at Metal Analysis Group

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