The Passion Behind Motorsports Alloys

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Today’s guest on the I&M podcast is Keith Cookson who is the Branch Manager at TW Metals Charlotte.

Keith has been in the racing industry his entire life, and comes from a passionate racing family. His parents and father-in-law both were in the open wheel industry, while his uncle was in stock car racing. Impressively, Keith, himself raced motorcycles before his time with TW. 

In this episode Keith shares his passion for racing combined with the strength of TW products. He gives the audience a breakdown of various alloys including the rare and hard to find 4130 tubing. TW also specializes in nickel alloys and titanium alloys that are used for F-1 team for a fluid powerline in their professional line of elite race cars. 

Keith breaks down the technical differences between alloys and metals used in racing, he gives a global overview of the racing industry, and he even shares how TW gives back to university racing and design teams through donations.