The B2B Sales Show Featuring Co-Host Joe Caprio of


We’re all here to listen and learn from our peers and colleagues who are facing similar challenges when it comes to growing and fine-tuning your sales machine.

That’s what our newest Co-Host, Joe Caprio, VP Sales at, is here to do.

The best part of being in SaaS is that you can learn so much from sales professionals who get behind a microphone and give away their smartest ideas. That’s what Joe’s here to do.

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Chorus believes that customer conversations are a company’s most underutilized asset. Successful businesses spend a significant amount of time engaging with their prospects and customers through online meetings. Every one of these conversations includes pivotal opportunities to improve those customer relationships and to capture best practices worth replicating in the future.


Posted on May 20, 2019 in B2B Sales Show


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