How To Put Your Bookkeeping On AutoPilot [Podcast]

As a business owner, keeping track of your company’s books can be incredibly painful.

Scouring through your bank statements, reconciling expenses from months ago…the number crunching can make you rip your hair out.

Today James and Sean discuss why will take all of your bookkeeping headaches away.

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There’s a reason why we all put off doing our bookkeeping work for as long as possible… we just plain don’t like it.

Today, the guys discuss how Bench helps handle all of the expense reporting, cash management and P&L reporting for Sweet Fish Media. With a dedicated bookkeeper for each account, you really can’t beat the value of not having to worry about your accounting anymore.

No more late year or deadline crunches trying to decipher just what part of that receipt from 9 months ago was actually an expense. Each month get a detailed report sent directly to you, with little needed effort from you the business owner. Try it today with their free one month trial!

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  • Bench – Bookkeeping software/services for entrepreneurs. (link)

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James: Welcome back. Today we are talking about a service called Bench, and their website is It’s an incredible bookkeeping service that I started using about the beginning of the year, and I’ve loved it.

Sean: That’s awesome. Bookkeeping, getting that off of your plate, has to be so nice. Unless you are an accountant listening to this, you are not enjoying your bookkeeping while you’re doing it.

James: No. I tried doing it myself for approximately two weeks and it made me want to rip my hair out. I knew, because I’d had some entrepreneur friends that kind of do their own bookkeeping, and they always put it off until the end of the year and it takes them weeks and weeks and weeks to comb through all their bank statements and to get to their tax guy.

Sean: It’s awful, yeah.

James: It’s just a really painful process. I thought, “Man, I need a bookkeeper to keep all this stuff organized so that at the end of the year I can just hand it over to my accountant and I won’t have to mess with any of it. That’s exactly what I found in Bench.

Sean: I’ve used some different stuff, we were talking before, stuff like [Meant 00:01:09] is all software. You were saying that Bench actually, there’s a people element to it.

James: Yeah, so not only is Bench a really clean software where I can upload receipts and different things like that …

Sean: Sure, track expenses …

James: and track expenses. I get a bookkeeper. My bookkeeper’s name is Steven and every month Steven goes through and he reconciles my books. I’ve got my credit card and my checking account synced up with their software, and so it’s pulling in my statements every month. Then Steven manually goes in and he reconciles my expenses. He puts together a balance sheet and a P and L for me every single month. Then I typically get one email a month from him that says, “Hey, there were two or three expenses that I couldn’t recognize. I couldn’t categorize them properly. Just hop into the software real quick.”

It literally takes me two minutes. Like right now, I’ve got three expenses that I need to go in there and reconcile with him, and I haven’t done it, so he just emailed me again to remind me, and I need to just do it.

Sean: Like a good accountant.

James: Yeah. That’s how much I hate it. It’s only going to take me two minutes, and I’ve been avoiding it like the plague for two weeks because I hate doing anything related to accounting. Yeah, this service, literally I just don’t even have to think about it anymore.

Sean: That’s awesome.

James: At first I was forwarding him all of my receipts, so I was like, taking a picture of my receipt and forwarding it to him, and he was like, “Man, you don’t even need to do that.” Literally I just spend money on my credit card …

Sean: You just spend money, yeah.

James: and then he categorizes it and takes care of it. Then when he has a question, he just emails me. It’s totally off of my plate. I don’t have to think about it.

Sean: That’s really cool.

James: It’s incredible.

Sean: Is there a tiered aspect to this at all?

James: No. As far as I know, it’s one pricing. Super-simple pricing. It’s $135 a month, which is absolutely worth it.

Sean: Cool.

James: Then they assign you a bookkeeper. It’s a really cool service. They’ve done a lot with Facebook advertising. That’s actually how I found them.

Sean: Interesting.

James: If you’re listening to this, then you’re probably an entrepreneur or marketer, so you may have already seen their ads in your news feed because they are, I think, spending quite a bit of money on Facebook ads. Man, it is absolutely a worthwhile service.

Sean: That’s cool.

James: I think they even give you a month free, so they let you see the value.

Sean: The whole process, what it looks like. Yeah.

James: Yeah, exactly.

Sean:  That’s awesome. Sounds like something that everybody should try

James: So it, go and check them out!

Sean Blackburn

Sean is the Head of Marketing for Sweet Fish Media, a done-for-you content marketing solution that writes and promotes blog content for busy teams. Co-host of @TickTockPodcast and lover of all things Orlando, FL w/ @OrlandiaPodcast. He snarks on Twitter @seanrblackburn.

Posted on October 21, 2015 in Time-Saving Tools

Sean Blackburn

About the Author

Sean is the Head of Marketing for Sweet Fish Media, a done-for-you content marketing solution that writes and promotes blog content for busy teams. Co-host of @TickTockPodcast and lover of all things Orlando, FL w/ @OrlandiaPodcast. He snarks on Twitter @seanrblackburn.

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