How to Take Control of Your Calendar [Podcast]

Email ping pong is the worst.

You need to schedule that sales call, but you really don’t have time to go back and forth with someone to find a day & time that works for both of you.

Today, James and Sean talk about Calendly, a solution to take the control back and easily manage your schedule.

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As an entrepreneur or marketer your time is your most valuable resource. While we talk a lot about time saving tools on the show, we’ve yet to mention how we manage our time on a daily basis.

Today, we discuss Calendly, an app that helps you take back the ownership of your daily schedule.

It’s a beautiful, mobile-friendly app that allows you to send open time slots directly to another party so they can choose a time to meet/talk that works for them.

No more going back and forth trying to sync up a time. No more email ping pong.

Things we mentioned:

  • Calendly – A web based calendar app that allow you to quickly collaborate schedule. (link)
  • LeadFuze – Provides highly qualified, hot-leads directly to your inbox each month. (link)

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Sean: All right, and today we’re going to be talking about Calendly.

James: Yeah man, so I’ve gotten a lot of comments on how we use Calendly because it eliminates the back and forth of trying to set up a meeting with somebody. For us, we do a lot of sales calls, I, in particular, do a lot of sales calls. I’m getting these leads from Lead Fuse or from our contact form on our website, and because of the nature of what we do, people need a little bit of an explanation.

Sean: What I like about Calendly is instead of the traditional way of going back and forth saying, “Hey, are you available at 4 pm on Tuesday?”, “No, I’m not, but I’m available at 10 am on Wednesday.” “Well, that doesn’t work for me, what about 11:30 on Wednesday?” You wind up going back and forth four or five times, where with Calendly, I can just send them a link that looks like and they can click that link and the interface is beautiful. I’ve seen some others, I’ve seen Schedule One.

James: Yeah, Sunrise, I’ve seen some other ones, but the interface is not as clean, and it’s much more clunky than my experience with Calendly. From a user experience, especially if you’re sending a prospective client somewhere, you want to make sure that …

Sean: Sure, you’re going to care about, yeah, what it looks like.

James: Yeah, that it’s super easy, and that it looks clean. For mobile, tells you how much I’m actually on a computer, I do mobile so much, but you can see, it’s like a 3-day snapshot and it just shows you available times, or it shows the person that you’re setting up the meeting with available times. You can even block off your Calendly time, so in my mine, from 12 to 2, I know that I don’t want to be doing any calls, so I block off from 12 to 2, I’m only available from 9 am to noon, and then from 2 to 6 pm everyday. Whenever I’ve got, say I’m going to a conference, or a few weeks there for my wedding, whenever I’ve got an all day meeting on my calender, it blocks off those as available time. When I’m sending out that link to people …

Sean: You’re giving them that option.

James: Yeah, they don’t even have … I’m basically setting the terms for my own calendar, and that’s really, really, really helpful. You can set it up for your entire team to use, so I’ve got one of my sales guys using it, we’ve got an account manager using it, so if you, say, for us, a sales call is typically a 15 minute call, so the other thing is I like that the person that you’re sending the link to can see 15 minutes in the link, you can customize those however you want, but I actually like having the default seeing which slash/jamescarberry/15min, because it tells a person, oh, this is only going to be 15 minutes.

Sean: It allows them and respects their time too because it gives them a chance to know what the call is going to last them.

James: We’ve got other clients where we do content interviews, and that’s how we create content for folks, and those calls often times are 30 minutes or an hour. For our existing clients that are setting up a content interview, I can send out /jamescarberry/60min or /30min, and you can set up as many of those as you want. We’re actually starting a new podcast focused on church planners, and for that I just set up a new appointment time for 20 minutes, so it’s going to be 20 minute interviews, so I’m going to be able to set up … Say I only want to do those interviews on Mondays and Fridays, I can set that up in Calendly, so that any time I send out a /20 min calendar invitation, it’s only going to show up the times on Monday and Friday that I tell Calendly to show up.

Sean: That’s awesome.

James: It’s a really, really intuitive tool, really easy to use, and it’s $10 per user, so if it’s just you using it, and you want access, it’s a freemium model, so I think you can have one slot, so if you just want to set up 15 minute calls or 30 minute calls, you can use it totally free. For me, because we have a couple of different uses for it, I want to have several different calendar types in there, so I pay $10 a month. We’ve got a few different folks on our team that use it. Really, really intuitive, like I said,, Check it out.

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