How to Get Hot Leads Sent Directly to Your Inbox [Podcast]

Sales prospecting is really hard.

Then converting those prospects into hot leads for your business…well that’s even harder.

In this episode, James and Sean discuss LeadFuze, a B2B lead generation tool that actually works.

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As entrepreneurs and marketers, we’re always hoping our sales pipeline is getting filled with qualified prospects, but we sometimes aren’t able to make the investment of time and energy to make it happen.

LeadFuze is a cold-email solution that can help you exponentially grow your business by putting your sales prospecting on auto-pilot. LeadFuze finds you prospects by researching and targeting users of specific types of software and makes the initial contact.

Interested leads are then passed on to your email inbox for you to follow up with, and you don’t have to even deal with the standard rejection we all fear. Professional copywriters even help you with the pitch of your cold email so you can be confident of your campaigns effectiveness, even if your copy skills are lacking!

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  • LeadFuze – Provides highly qualified, hot-leads directly to your inbox each month. (link)

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Sean: All right, and today we are talking about LeadFuze. James, tell us what LeadFuze is.

James: LeadFuze has been a absolute game changer, literally doubled my business since I started using it and what it is, it’s a done-for-you cold e-mail solution. For me, we’re in a B-to-B space, we’re going after companies that are looking for somebody to write blog content forum. What LeadFuze has done is they’re able to target people that use HubSpot. They’ve got a software that they use and they’re able to target e-mail addresses for marketing managers, business owners that use HubSpot.

Sean: Real people.

James: Real people. This is not sending out some blast campaign. They actually put together a three e-mail sequence. It’s really cool because they set-up a dummy e-mail account for me. My e-mail is james at They’ve set-up an e-mail for me that’s james at They manage that e-mail and they’ve got emails going out. They send for me a 1000 or 1200 emails a month, they go out to people that use HubSpot. I approve the copy for all of those e-mails. They send an initial e-mail, they then send a follow-up e-mail two or three days later and then they send a final e-mail maybe five days after that. Actually I’ve got customers that I’ve had now for months and months and months because of LeadFuze.

Sean: LeadFuze found them for you.

James: They found them for me. They did the prospecting for me. LeadFuze actually has a prospecting tool as well, it’s software that allows you to collect e-mail addresses for your target market but for me the real value of LeadFuze is the done-for-you element.

Sean: It’s the service.

James: Because they’re managing that other e-mail for me, they basically send out all the e-mails and then anybody that responds with interests they forward to me at my [email protected] e-mail, my actual e-mail. I’m only getting hot leads directly to my inbox. I’m not having to mess with prospecting, finding who to reach out to. I’m not having to mess with hearing all the rejections for people that says, “Stop e-mailing me. I’m not interested.” I’m only responding to people that are like, “Yeah, sure, let’s give it a go.”

What’s really cool about their methodology and how they write these e-mails they just understand the elements of cold e-mails that work. The cold e-mails that they’re writing for you, you work with their copywriter and …

Sean: They actually give you a copywriter to work with?

James: Yeah.

Sean: Let’s say someone’s listening to this and they’re not an expert. James is a copywriter ninja. He’s writing his own copy all the time but somebody who doesn’t have that skill, they send somebody to even help with. I didn’t realize that.

James: They’ve got a copywriter on their team that writes the e-mail sequences.

Sean: That’s great. That’s really cool.

James: I did quite a bit of tweaking to mine, like you said that’s my background, that’s what I do so I’m going to be a little bit more particular about that but they understand the high-level, that the e-mails only get responded to when they’re short, when they’re to the point, and when they solve an immediate need. A lot of people that write cold e-mails are like, “Well, I need to explain who I am so I need to talk, so I need to spend three paragraphs of this initial e-mail talking about who I am.”

Sean: No way.

James: Not at all. You want to solve an immediate need. One of the elements of an effective cold e-mail is making people feel like you’re not e-mailing everybody. In my e-mail sequence one of the things we come out of the gate saying, not one of things, the thing we come out of the gate saying is, “Hey, I see you’re using HubSpot and I know creating content can be really tough. I’ve got some blog ideas that might be helpful for you,” or “I’ve got some blog ideas that I think would work for your business. Do you have five minutes to chat?” It’s literally like a three to four sentence e-mail and it comes out of the gate saying, “Hey, I see you’re a HubSpot user.

Sean: You’re noticing something about them.

James: They automatically don’t think that I’m just e-mailing anybody because, “Wooh!” Like, “He knows I’m a HubSpot user.” I’ve had people respond there like, “How did you know I was a HubSpot user? They are just curious to know how I knew that they were a HubSpot user. They don’t know that there’s a software out there that-

Sean: That’s noticing to a new level.

James: It’s just a phenomenal service. It’s completely done-for-you. They send me the leads. I then send my Calendly to them and we get a call set-up. I close the deal. Our model is that we do a risk-free trial. As soon as they say, “Yeah, I’m interested,” I have someone on our team come up with 10 or 15 headlines for them. I send them those headlines right after our sales call to basically say, “Hey, this is kind of how our model works. Writers write one of these headlines for you and if you love it you pay us, if you don’t, you don’t pay us.” That’s how we’ve acquired literally half the customers that we have today. It’s solely because of LeadFuze. I love this service.

Sean: I was going to say, I know we love it and how much are we loving it in the payment department?

James: This was definitely something that when I very first started using it, it’s an investment. It’s $500 bucks a month. If you’re selling a $40 e-book one-time sale it might not be for you. For us, there’s a few different reasons why it’s particularly compelling for a service like ours. Our average, what we make from a revenue perspective per client on average is about $365 per client per month. We’re getting monthly recurring revenue from these clients and on average every client that we bring on will generate about $365 bucks a month for us. With LeadFuze I’ve been able to bring on anywhere from 4 to 6 customers a month, obviously the ROI is there for me.

Sean: Totally.

James: Because it works with our model. That’s not going to be the case for everybody but it’s been absolutely worth $500 a month.

Sean: It’s awesome.

James: For us.

Sean: Totally. Check it out,

James: That’s

Sean Blackburn

Sean is the Head of Marketing for Sweet Fish Media, a done-for-you content marketing solution that writes and promotes blog content for busy teams. Co-host of @TickTockPodcast and lover of all things Orlando, FL w/ @OrlandiaPodcast. He snarks on Twitter @seanrblackburn.

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Sean Blackburn

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Sean is the Head of Marketing for Sweet Fish Media, a done-for-you content marketing solution that writes and promotes blog content for busy teams. Co-host of @TickTockPodcast and lover of all things Orlando, FL w/ @OrlandiaPodcast. He snarks on Twitter @seanrblackburn.

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