Create Landing Pages That Actually Work [Podcast]

Good web design is one of those must haves in 2015.

A solid landing page that converts well should be the final destination of any Facebook or social media ad buy.

Today, James and Sean share about LeadPages (and their awesome tools LeadBoxes and LeadDigits) and how you can consistently produce great pages.

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Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century need to have a sleek online presence to get traction.

The problem is, unless you’re trained well in web design, you’re almost completely inept at making a web page look great, much less function with a specific purpose.

Today, James and Sean discuss LeadPages, a website that lets you choose and edit amazing templates to use as your landing pages and email capture. Plus, we discuss some of LeadPages features like LeadBoxes and LeadDigits.

Build your audience with these amazing tools and gt back to your work quickly!

Things we mentioned:

  • LeadPages – A web-based marketplace for easily customized landing page template . (link)
  • LeadBoxes – Specialized coding to turn any link into a pop-up email capture form. (link)
  • LeadDigits – Email capture through the use of a texting (link)

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James: All right, today we are talking about LeadPages. If you are listening to this show, you are well aware of LeadPages, I’m sure.

Sean: Absolutely.

James: They are all over the place. Sean, you’ve used them a ton in some of your marketing roles in the past. You use them with Speed Fish. Let’s just start diving into some of the practical ways that marketers and business owners can use LeadPages. What’s been the most helpful part of LeadPages for you?

Sean: The main part of LeadPages is they take web design out of a lot of things that you’re trying to do as an entrepreneur or marketer online. The whole point is to get into peoples in-boxes and really what they do best, LeadPages, in my opinion is help you with e-mail capture. You’re creating landing pages, you’re creating these sales pages, a squeeze pages is sometimes what it’s called and you’re trying to do one thing which is capture someone’s e-mail address. LeadPages takes away all the clutter that is normally found on entrepreneur’s websites, that is just full of all these different, random buttons that go to random places or lots of funky menus, takes away all that sort of stuff and gives you just a nice landing page for someone to come to straight from your Facebook ad, straight from your Twitter ad, straight from some sort of-

James: Clean template, you don’t have to really even think about whether it’s going to convert because they’ve A/B tested the fire out of these templates-


Because so many different people use them, you know that, hey, if I use this template, it’s a template in LeadPages because it works.

Sean: Yeah. If it’s not working then it’s something to do with your offering.

James: Yep. Your offering or your copy.

Sean: That shows you what you need to focus on so I love LeadPages. Like you said, I used it in a company that I was working with and I created thirty or forty landing pages very specific in niche for different regions that we were trying to focus on, all with their own add copy, very different. The nice is too is that, some people might hear me say that and say, you just killed your SEO or something like that. The nice thing is that you can host it completely separate, you can not hurt your SEO by having multiple copy on it either because you can have it on LeadPages. It’s not going to hurt your SEO because it’s just a hosted page onto your site.


James: We’re actually rolling out a done for you webinar-service offering through Sweet Fish, and we’ve got a client that we’re working with that you’re actually going to be using LeadPages to host the webinar, talk a little bit about that.

Sean: The nice thing about LeadPages, whether you’re hosting webinars or anything is that how many integrations it has and that’s why the webinar is going to be so easy to use because it integrates with Google, Hangouts, it integrates with Chat Roll and it gives us a page where we can host our entire webinar with all the professional elements without having to create our own web page, once again. It creates the entire template for us and we’re just inputting a couple pieces of code from these different services and making a really professional, sleek looking webinar sales pitch.

James: You said you can even put a specific call to action button right there on that page-

Sean: Absolutely.

James: If your end result from a webinar is to sell something, which it should be- you can embed that button to where it’s clear as day.

Sean: Right below the video, click here to start your risk free trial, whatever it might be that you’re trying to drive your webinar viewers towards- It’s right there. All their landing pages have really clear call to actions, if you’re using some sort of opt-in bribe or lead magnet, it’s going to say, sign up for this right here and you’re going to click this big button and then there’s going to be a pop up that asks for the e-mail address. You do that and you can either have it tied into your e-mail service provider, whether that’s Mailchim, Drip, whoever it is, or they can send a lead magnet directly through LeadPages, as well. There’s a lot of different options, really customizable.

James: Yep. There’s two other aspects of LeadPages that I want to talk about. First, let’s talk about lead boxes. What are they, how do we use them?

Sean: If you’ve ever wanted a way that you could have someone sign up for your e-mail address without having to mess with a lot of code and have e-mail capture without changing the code of your website, a lead box is a great solution. Basically, you can say something like, sign up now with some texts, link it and that link becomes basically, a pop up dialogue box that will then show up on their screen and allow you to do e-mail capture. It’s nice, it’s great for any sort of content upgrades at the end of a post. You can assign a lead box to either an image, anything that you could really link onto your site-

James: That you would want somebody to click on-

Sean: In order to give you their e-mail-

James: It pulls up that dialogue box, so it doesn’t take them to an entirely different page-

Sean: That’s correct.

James: Like a lead page, it just pulls the dialogue box up on the page that they’re in- Allows them to put in their e-mail and then as soon as they hit go, it takes them right back to, you can have it direct to a thank you page, which you can actually build thank you pages in LeadPages as well which is phenomenal.

Sean: Absolutely.

James: Or, I believe, it can just take them right back to the content that they were just viewing.

Sean: Wherever you want them to go, yeah. You assign basically, the action that’s happening, to get technical, the action that’s happening is that it’s taking you to whatever web page you want it to do and you assign that link to whatever web page it is. It could be the same one they just came from or it can be like you said, a thank you page, it could be a different website completely if you want it to be.


James: Yeah. The last element that I want to talk about with LeadPages is lead digits which is, I think is a newer offering for them. We actually haven’t started using it yet but I want to, particularly with this podcast. I’ve heard a couple different podcasts the LeadPages podcast does this really well conversion cast where it’s like, hey, if you’re interested in getting the full transcript for this show or this PDF guide that explains what this show talked about you can text LeadPages to 34777 or whatever the number is.

Sean: That’s cool.

James: It allows you to collect e-mail addresses via text message because you basically text whatever the code is to a certain number and then I want to say you get a text message that says, put in your e-mail address and we’ll send it to you.

Sean: That’s awesome.

James: It’s just another way to collect e-mails that’s super effective. If LeadPages is doing it then they’ve tested the fire out of it and it’s working.

Sean: The nice thing is about that too is that it’s all obviously, with using a phone or a text message, it’s mobile. It’s completely mobile optimized that in that way.

James: Especially with podcasts, if you’re out there and you’ve got a podcast of your own, I think that, that’s a really valuable resource to use to collect e-mails from a podcast because when you think about how people consume an audio podcast, they’re in the car-

Sean: Yep.

James: Or they are at the gym or running around the neighborhood.

Sean: Where are you at right now listening to this? (Laughs)

James: For you to be able to collect peoples e-mails where they are, not necessarily hoping that they’re at a computer or somewhere where is more typical for handing over your e-mail address.

Sean: Right.

James: This, you can literally, if your opt-in incentive is enticing enough you could literally collect e-mail from anywhere-

Sean: Yeah.

James: With this, is where you can go to check out LeadPages, it’s about $38 a month or you can pay a little bit less than that if you pay in advance and pay for the entire year. While the Sweet Fish website was being developed, we had a LeadPage landing page up-

Sean: That’s right. I forgot about that, yeah.

James: From January to all the way up until May, instead of having nothing up, we had a LeadPage landing page up and we were able to collect three hundred e-mail addresses-

Sean: That’s awesome, yeah.

James: That we otherwise wouldn’t have had. That’s not crazy numbers but we also weren’t-

Sean: It’s not nothing, though.

James: Yeah. It’s three hundred that we didn’t have and the alternative was to have nothing. Where as you could just have a static landing page saying, coming soon. Instead, you could use a LeadPage and start collecting e-mails. They’ve got count down timers so if you’re launching a new product, you could have a count down. I did that with-

Sean: Yeah, the templates that they have, there’s so many of them guys. Definitely go and check it out, it’s well worth your time just to see all the different templates they have.

James: It’s completely dragon drop so, you don’t need to have any knowledge of coding. I couldn’t code my way to a paper bag and I can build a LeadPage site in literally five minutes. Check it out,, if you haven’t already. We think you’re going to love it.

Posted on October 30, 2015 in Time-Saving Tools

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