How to Get Featured on Massive Blogs [Podcast]

PR companies usually charge an absurd amount of money for their services.

Most entrepreneurs and startups are immediately priced out and unfortunately left with no public relations strategy.

James and Sean discuss Publicize, a solution changing the way companies approach PR.

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While startups are notorious for not having a lot of cash on hand, PR firms are even more famous for charging tons of money for their services.

The problem is, a company desperately needs some quality exposure in its beggining stages to grow their userbase or their market awareness.


Today, James and Sean discuss Publicize, a monthly paid PR solution for entrepreneurs and startups. Publicize is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Monthly strategy sessions with the Publicize team help to define the PR strategy that will be crafted, and Publicize will handle outreach to media organizations, popular websites and share your company or service with its monthly newsletter.

Don’t write off guest blogging and PR as something that’s out of your price range! Try out their “Starter” package free of charge!

Things we mentioned:

  • Justin McGill – founder of LeadFuze (link)
  • Publicize – PR solutions for entrepreneurs and startups (link)
  • – a site Sweet Fish Media was recently featured on with the help of Publicize (link)
  • Social Media Examiner – a website featuring articles and content about social media marketing (link)

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Sean: All right and today we are talking about Publicized.Co.

James: I found out about Publicize a few months ago from Justin McGill over it Lead Fuse. I really love what they’re trying to do for startups. They’ve basically seen that PR companies are charging an absurd amount of money-

Sean: Oh yeah, a lot of money.

James: To do PR. Start-ups just don’t have that kind of capital to do that. There’s all these great startups out there that aren’t really pursuing anything in the PR space because they just on the money for it. Publicized is basically productize a service that says, “Hey for 320 bucks a month”, if you pay for it six months in advance. I think I paid them 1900 bucks or something and I got six months of their service. They guarantee that they will get me featured in one large site related to my business every month. It’s essentially guest post outreach on autopilot.

I don’t have to mess with it. I don’t have to do it. I’m a contributor for Huffington Post. I’m also a contributor for Business Insider. Both of those for me to do that, it took me like Tweeting at people, emailing people-

Sean: Sure a lot outreach.

James: Yeah. How to backdoor my way into getting these opportunities that don’t just  happen. You have to make an intentional effort to get featured on sites like this. I’ve got people ask me all the time how I did it, how I did it, how I did it and it’s put in the work. You just you have to intentionally try to connect with these people. Well what Publicized does as they’ve got a track record of being in this space. I think the guy that founded it, I want to say he was actually on staff at Tech Crunch he’s background is in this space.

Sean: Sure. He’s got a lot of relationships.

James: He knows who to talk to, where to pitch certain articles, where certain articles will be received best-

Sean: That’s cool. Lots of inside Baseball then huh?

James: Yeah. Every month I have a strategy call with someone from their team and we basically go over, “Hey this is what I’m thinking, this is obviously this is what our brand is, this is the direction wanting to go”. Then they do a … Really it’s almost like a consulting call. They say hey based on what we hear you saying, what if we did a post around this kind of topic? They shoot me an email with what we talked about on the phone call and then they send me a questionnaire to basically say, “Hey outline this post and for each section of the post or link to an article where our writer can can can basically reference another piece of content that’s not a Sweet Fish piece of content”.

Sean: Cool.

James: They write it for you as well. That’s the cool part about Publicize. We have a team of writers so we could write these but their service includes the writing of the article as well as the pitching of the article. They completely take care of everything for us.

Sean: That’s awesome.

James: Last month we got an article featured in I think it’s this month where we’re shooting for either Ink, Fast Company, a bigger name. We’ll see if they’re able to land it there. Obviously they’re in a bit of a hard spot because they can’t guarantee you that you’re going to land on an Ink or a Fast Company or-

Sean: Sure, but they’re guaranteeing you somewhere.

James: They’re guaranteeing you that your article will land somewhere with good traffic because of the relationships that they have.

Sean: What I like is that they’re still writing the actual article for you. It seems like they’re doing a lot of what we’re doing here at Sweet Fish but they’re specifically tailored to guest blogging. That’s a pretty cool little niche that they’ve carved out that if you’re wanting to get some publicity … Guest blogging, there’s a variety of benefits for it but one of the coolest things I think is to be able to expand your audience organically. In a way that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise because you’re tapping into other people’s audiences.

James: Exactly.

Sean: That are engaged, that trust that whoever that property is and that’s a real value proposition I think from a Publicize.

James: Yeah, we just got picked up to be contributors for Social Media Examiner. I’m really excited to start writing content for them because their audience is so engaged.

Sean: Of course, yeah.

James: So now we’ve gotten … Hundreds of thousands of people that read that blog that will now have exposure to what we do because we’re providing value to them in the form of writing content. Another really cool feature of Publicize, they have a newsletter that they send out to all of their clients, start ups, all the all the different folks that they work with. They allow all of their clients to offer up products or services that they would want promoted in that newsletter. You can get … So I emailed them and I said, “Hey I’d love to promote this show, I’d love to promote Tick-Tock to your to your clients”. So they’re always thinking through like what are different ways that we can give exposure to our clients.

Another way they have a lot of different questions that they ask every month that and they submit your answers to bigger publications because they’ve got relationships with editors at all these different places. Somebody will be like, “Hey we’re looking for three horror stories or three horror stories that revolve around sales experience or something like that. I’ll get email from them-

Sean: And they’ll want some ideas.

James: Would you have any stories to add to this? If they like your story you can get featured in X Y Z Magazine. They’ve got a breadth of offerings but their primary bread and butter is this done for you guest blogging.

That’s how we’re taking advantage of the service. It’s worked really well so far.

Sean: That’s awesome. So if you want to check them out go to Publicize.Co.

Posted on November 4, 2015 in Time-Saving Tools

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