How to Make Sense of Your Google Analytics Data [Podcast]

We all know how important it is to measure your website’s effectiveness with Google Analytics.

Problem is, most of us have no idea what we’re looking at when we’re staring at the metrics each month.

Today, James and Sean talk about Quill Engage, a reporting tool that interprets and summarizes your Google Analytics numbers.

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While Google Analytics is one of the best free tools available to entrepreneurs and marketers, many of us have no idea how to use it effectively.

As a content marketing agency, we consistently use Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of our content and evaluate what our audience responds best too.

Today, James and Sean discuss Quill Engage, a free report that is sent weekly to your email inbox that summarizes and interprets the most important aspects of your Google Analytics data. Best of all, its written in actual human terms!

See a really clear picture of your website’s health, traffic sources, traffic locations new referrals and more! Plus its totally free!

Things we mentioned:

  • Google Analytics – Reporting software from Google with robust reporting on a variety of aspects from your website (link)
  • Quill Engage – a free report that interprets Google Analytics into easy-to-read, human terms (link)

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Sean: Today we’re going to be talking about Quill Engage, which is a Google Analytics … It basically makes Google Analytics decipherable.

James: Yeah, so you can actually read your Google Analytics numbers now.

I was having the hardest time, Sean, with actually making sense of my Google Analytics and analytics are so powerful; If you know where your audience is coming from, it means a ton. It tells you is our contact marketing working? Is the content that we’re putting out actually being responded to? Who’s linking to us? But to set up different reports and stuff in Google Analytics is A) Time consuming …

Sean: Absolutely.

James: And B) It’s just stinking hard to figure out, so when I heard about Quill Engage, it’s totally free. You just hook in your password information for Google Analytics. It syncs up with that and then every week and then at the end of every month, I get a Quill Engage report and it’s written in human terms. At the top of the report it shows me my key metrics. These are my paid views as it relates to last week, so it’ll tell me whether I had an increase or decrease; My time on site; If I can see that people are spending more time on our website than they were.

Sean: All the essentials.

James: Yeah. They’ve got the three big stats right there at the top of the email and then it’s just a report written like an actual human would write the report.

I’m looking at my most recent Quill Engage report and at the very top it says All Website Data and then it tells me my average time on site, my paid views, my sessions and then it tells me whether that was up or down from the week prior. The first heading it tells you an overall snapshot so it says, “Sessions drop but you’re way above your 12 month weekly average.” That’s good to know. Then it’s got more text under that that kind of explains …

Sean: So they’re not only just sharing hard numbers, they’re giving some diagnostic as well. Like hey, this is some of the trends that we’re seeing, this is what’s going on with your numbers here.

James: It’s showing me specific articles that drove those numbers.

Sean: Yeah, that’s so cool.

James: It’s saying your post on 27 of the best conferences for entrepreneurs was the page that saw the most paid views so that’s really cool to know and I didn’t have to go dig through a Google Analytics report to go find it, it just came straight to my inbox. It’s got real nice graphics all throughout the email as well so it’s showing me my sessions from week to week and I can see a real clear line graph and where …

Sean: What’s cool is thus far none of this is anything that you’ve paid for, this is all free.

James: No, I haven’t paid for anything. It shows me my traffic sources. It shows me new referrals so I can see that I started getting traffic from a new website this week; It tells me how many sessions came from that source. This is really cool, it tells me new versus returning users, it tells me traffic by device, locations, and then if you’re doing any sort of paid search it will give you the analytics from that paid search as well so really, really cool product and like you said Sean, it’s totally free. There’s really no point in not trying it!

Go to and check it out.

Posted on November 3, 2015 in Time-Saving Tools

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