A Cheap & Easy Way to Create Stickers for Your Brand [Podcast]

In a world where everything is digital, a physical stuff feels that much more special.

Today, James and Sean discuss StickerMule and how they help you create sleek, custom stickers for your brand.

Show Notes:


Creating giveaway items for your brand can be more time consuming than you think.

You can throw your logo on just about any item you can think of, but it gets tedious when you begin comparing costs and minimum quantity orders and how to match their limited color scheme with your own.

Today, James and Sean discuss a solution that specializes in creating high-quality items with almost no setup hassles. StickerMule’s singular focus on one type item allows them to cut out all the noise and save you time as you look to create an awesome sticker for your brand.

Give your customers a way to rep your brand in a physical way!

Things we mentioned:

  • StickerMule – custom sticker printing that kicks a$$ (link)
  • AppSumo – membership list that promotes great products to make work fun (link)

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James: All right, today we’re talking about StickerMule, M-U-L-E.

Sean: Yeah.

James: I love that name.

Sean: I first heard about these guys from an App Sumo deal. Had you ever heard about them?

James: I’ve seen them around, but until you started telling me about them today, I did not know who they were.

Sean: Yeah, with my first start up, Worth Day, we had some stickers done with Sticker Mule, and it’s fun now to see … I see them on my wife’s laptop, and on my buddy’s laptop, so it’s awesome.

James: Yeah.

Sean: We had those made a couple years ago now. It’s just his really easy way to get stickers made for your brands, so if you want to start plastering stickers on your friend’s laptops, client’s -. Maybe you want to send them to all of your new clients.

James: Right.

Sean: The stickers are just really high quality. They have four types of stickers that you can choose from. Pretty straightforward pricing. It’s a really great product.

Quick turnaround time. I think you can definitely check out Sticker Mule and it will be a valuable use of your time, even if it’s something that you have that’s fun to give to your clients.

James: Exactly. It’s a great content upgrade in a way.

Sean: Yeah. People, in a world where everything is digital, and everything is online, this is a cool way to give a tangible something.

James: Hands on, visceral way to represent yourself. Yeah. I love it.

Sean: Yep. StickerMule’s brand is just really, really fun.

James: Yeah. They’ve got a great name. That’s worth it right there, just to reward them.

Sean: Check it out, stickermule.com.

Posted on November 11, 2015 in Time-Saving Tools

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