Sending Invoices Just Got Way Easier [Podcast]

While accounting and invoicing are essential for a business owner to be managing, its tough to get excited about the task work.

If you’re using cumbersome software, it makes it that much more frustrating.

Today, James and Sean discuss Wave, an application that helps you manage recurring invoicing and your accounts payable from an easy to use dashboard.

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Ever find yourself putting off invoicing your clients because of the cumbersome software it takes to complete the task?

As a business owner, you’ll love how Wave makes getting paid easy again. Each month, you can create customized and professional invoices, automatically send recurring invoices to your clients, and easily manage your accounts payable all from one dashboard.

Best of all, its free for the business owner for invoices paid by check, and only 2.9% for the business owner to accept credit card payment. Take away the barriers to getting your livelihood each month and sign up today for free!


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  • Wave – An accounting application for entrepreneurs that makes invoicing easy. (link)

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Sean: All right, and today we’re going to be talking about Wave.

James: Yeah, man. Wave is a really cool accounting application that I use. I was using QuickBooks a couple of years ago for another business that I had. I know a lot of people use QuickBooks.

Sean: Sure, it’s the industry standard.

James: Yeah, industry standard. For me it was pretty cumbersome. I just couldn’t get the hang of it. Maybe it’s because I’m an idiot, I don’t know. But I have fallen in love with Wave. It’s totally free. How they monetize it is whenever people pay you via credit card through their invoices. I can setup recurring invoices which is a really cool feature, especially because of the nature of our business. We’ve got clients that pay us every month to write content for them and so I don’t have to mess with sending out invoices every single month to the same clients for the same amount of money. I just set up a recurring invoice and I know on the 1st of every month those invoices are going out. I don’t have to think about it.

Then clients can actually pay those invoices through Wave. Right on the invoice it says, “Pay with your credit card.” They click here, they put in there information and Wave then dumps that money into my bank account and it’s totally seamless.

Sean: That’s cool.

James: If you don’t have recurring revenue you can also easily go in with Wave and set up one off invoices. We’ve got some clients where they want to pay per article that we write for them and so we send one off invoices to them and then we’ve got another chunk of our clients that do recurring system.

Sean: The recurring, right.

James: It’s really intuitive. The one element of Wave that I really love is I’ve got a dashboard view where I can see how much revenue we’ve taken in each month for the entire year, so I have a running tally of our year to date revenue, our month to date revenue. You can also see any invoices that are past due. I obviously set a due date for every invoice that goes out and then in the dashboard view, which is the first view that you see whenever you log in, right there one of the first things you see is, “Hey, you’ve got these six invoices that are overdue.”

Sean: That’s awesome.

James: You can send reminders right to those people right there so it’ll just say send reminder. The reminder doesn’t come from you. It comes from Wave. But if the client has a question about something when they reply it comes to you.

Sean: That’s great.

James: It gives a very professional feel. You can embed your logo into the invoices. You can have line items that you pre-create your line items. For us we offer three different services so I have those three different services and our pricing embedded. If I want to send out a one off invoice, I just choose content creation and then in the description line I put in the name of the blog post.

It’s just really clean really easy to use and like I said it’s free, unless you are accepting credit cards through your invoices which for me it’s worth it. I pay 2.9% and I allow our clients to pay us via credit card [crosstalk 00:03:09]. You can disable that feature as well if that’s not something you want to do but really, really, really cool app. is how you can check that out.

Sean Blackburn

Sean is the Head of Marketing for Sweet Fish Media, a done-for-you content marketing solution that writes and promotes blog content for busy teams. Co-host of @TickTockPodcast and lover of all things Orlando, FL w/ @OrlandiaPodcast. He snarks on Twitter @seanrblackburn.

Posted on October 23, 2015 in Small Business Tips, Time-Saving Tools

Sean Blackburn

About the Author

Sean is the Head of Marketing for Sweet Fish Media, a done-for-you content marketing solution that writes and promotes blog content for busy teams. Co-host of @TickTockPodcast and lover of all things Orlando, FL w/ @OrlandiaPodcast. He snarks on Twitter @seanrblackburn.

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