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Best Business Podcast Equipment Setup

Hey everyone! Jeremy Wellman here. I’m your Audio/Video Manager here at Sweet Fish. We know that setting up audio equipment can be like putting together Ikea furniture, so I’m going to walk you through your podcast setup. Here’s the podcast equipment we’ll be going over today: Microphone Inventory (ATR2100 Audio-Technica) Headphones Inventory (LyxPro) Shock Mount […]

B2B Podcasting Ultimate Guide

Want to kickstart your B2B podcast? We’re here to help you get that baby running as smooth as a Tesla in as little time as possible. So, this page is filled with literally everything you would ever need to know about launching and producing a business podcast. (Use the Table of Contents to get to […]

How to Come Up with Topics for Your Business Podcast

One of the hardest parts of creating a business podcast is coming up with interesting topics consistently. You need to keep your audience engaged, provide content of value, and keep yourself interested and motivated.  There are a variety of popular methods podcast creators like to use to help them come up with topics for their […]

7 Podcasting Services Every Company Should Consider

Chips without salsa. Jim without Pam. Mornings without coffee. Some things are just better together. Sure, you can probably get by with one without the other (well, probably not mornings). But would life be as good? It’s kind of like hiring a podcast production partner and they only offer you audio engineering. There’s so much […]

3 Tips You MUST Know Before You Start a Business Podcast

You’ve probably noticed… B2B podcasting isn’t coming. It’s here. Why else would you be looking for business podcast tips? We’re not saying that because we’re hoping it’s true, or because we’re a B2B podcasting agency. It’s actually the opposite: The reason we’ve put eggs into the B2B podcasting basket is because we believe in it. […]