About Sweet Fish Media


Wanna know what we’re all about? In short, we produce podcasts for B2B brands.

The longer answer to that question has a bit more soul in it though…

Our Origin Story

One relationship—That’s all it took.

One relationship changed the trajectory of our founder’s life.

After winning a once-in-a-lifetime sweepstakes in NYC, James met a business owner in the back of a limo. Through that one relationship, James moved to Orlando, met his wife, and became a successful entrepreneur.

Sounds sweet right?

James got incredibly lucky. But a few years later, he realized that you don’t have to depend on serendipity to build life-changing relationships.

He learned that by hosting an interview-based podcast, he could build life-changing relationships with anyone…at anytime…from anywhere in the world.

Relationships are the backbone of everything that happens in both business & life.

At Sweet Fish, fostering meaningful relationships is what we do.

Our Mountaintop (where we’re going)

We’re doing everything we can to educate 1 million people every single day.

We want 1 million people to listen to our podcasts, watch our videos, read our blog articles, open our emails, or see our social media content every single day.

To get there, we’ve got a mountain to climb…but we’re really freaking excited to climb it.

Our Values

When you have a big mountain to climb, you need a compass that everyone can use to reach the top.

At Sweet Fish, our compass is our 3 core values.

Our values aren’t meaningless posters that hang on our walls. Mainly, because we don’t have walls. #RemoteWork for the win 😉

But seriously, our core values mean a lot around here. They dictate how we hire, how we build internal processes, how we serve our customers. In the famous (and paraphrased) words of Mufasa, “Everything the light touches…has been shaped by our 3 core values.”

Love People Well

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” —Francis Chan

Being thoughtful, generous, and genuinely caring about our team and our customers is our #1 priority. 

Sometimes it means sending a gift card for a massage to a customer that’s had a rough week. Other times it means supporting one of our employees when they’ve lost a loved one.

Whether it’s a gift, an experience, or an encouraging text message…loving people well is our highest priority.

Never Stop Learning

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” —Maya Angelou

This business will be around for the long haul. Not just because Collective Thought Leadership is revolutionary, or because our team is brilliant (even though we believe both those things are true).

Sweet Fish has staying power because we constantly learn, incessantly improve, and never stop pushing for better. When our heads aren’t in a book, our airpods are putting an audiobook into our ears. When we aren’t listening to a podcast, we’re soaking up blog content that’s helping us master our craft.

How do you get better every single day? We think the answer is pretty simple: never stop learning

Own the Result

“Until you own it, you can’t change it.” – Michael Hyatt

This value is about proactivity and taking personal responsibility for outcomes.

Since we want every professional on the planet to own their career (our WHY), it should make sense that we want everyone on our team to own their contribution to our business. We want them to fix issues long before they become problems, and find answers before our customers think to ask the question.

Better results don’t just happen. They happen because someone took ownership.

Let’s Be Friends

Now you know what we do, why we do it, where we’re headed, and the compass (our values) that are gonna get us there. 

The only thing left is for us to just go ahead and become friends. Here are a few ways to make that happen:

Wanna join our team? Email our Director of Culture & People Ops (Ryan Drawdy) at [email protected].

Wanna learn more about our story? Send a text to our founder (James Carbary) at 407-490-3328.