4 Compelling Reasons You Should Be Publishing Content on LinkedIn

Publishing to LinkedIn

LinkedIn can sometimes feel like just another social network you have to keep up with.

We have more places to market our business and ourselves than ever. We have Skype meetings, networking events, social media profiles, blogs, websites, conferences—and that’s just skimming the top.

Connecting and publishing on LinkedIn is probably one of those things on your to-do list that has been pushed to the next day over and over again. If so, listen to what Scott Stratten of Unmarketing has to say:

It’s every time you decide to engage with someone. We don’t decide to market today. We are always marketing. What we say and what we do is our brand.

LinkedIn is an incredible space for “verb” marketing, where you can share your voice with a network you wouldn’t have immediate access to otherwise. With it’s 364 million+ members, publishing valuable content is bound to connect you with future customers, business partners, and colleagues.

Currently, the average post on LinkedIn reaches professionals in 21 industries across 9 countries. Now that’s a network to tap into!

If that’s not enough, here are four more reasons you should be publishing on LinkedIn.

1) Reaching Beyond Your Immediate Network

One Click Outreach

Imagine reaching every one of your business contacts with one click. No creating email lists, no networking events, no fancy algorithms to send a prayer to—just a single click.

Every time you publish quality content on LinkedIn, your entire 1st degree network gets a notification.

Awesome, huh? Whether you have 50 connections or 1,000 connections, your post gets sent to their notification feed for them to read.


To ensure published content is engaging and relevant for your network, LinkedIn has built-in quality standards to filter out spam and low quality content. Consistently write high quality and shareable posts by checking out these helpful resources:

  • Sweet Fish Media’s 12-point checklist will help you never write another bad blog post again.
  • The reliable copywriting strategy, AIDA, will help you write attention-grabbing content.

Go Viral and Get Views

Another LinkedIn feature builds on the previous one. When you publish an article and your 1st-degree network begins to like, share, and comment on it, the post then gets distributed beyond your immediate network. Professionals in your 2nd-degree network or beyond will see your post, and they can begin to follow you even if you aren’t connected.


On my profile, Geoff is a 1st-degree and Kate is a 2nd-degree connection who posted an article from Beth Kanter, a 3rd-degree connection. I haven’t connected with Kate or Beth, but I was able to find valuable content through my 1st-degree network.


LinkedIn Pulse is a daily newsfeed, generated by your professional world. Once you’ve created an awesome article, LinkedIn invites you to tag @LinkedInPulse with a description, in hopes that they might feature your article. The articles featured are broken down into categories such as Top Stories, Leadership and Management, Professional Women, and Economy.

Not only can your article be featured on the Pulse page, but chosen articles can also pop up on a newsfeed like this:

LinkedIn Pulse

Pulse also has an email distribution with a “Published By Your Network” section that could feature your article.

To get the nitty-gritty description of how LinkedIn’s distribution works, check out this blogpost from their engineering department.

2) Becoming a Valuable Resource to Your Business Community

Publishing useful content builds credibility and trust amongst your peers. Share your expertise, challenges, lessons learned, and current trends. A goal of your writing should be to answer this question:

“How can this information help make others’ lives easier and/or save time and money?”

A prime example of this philosophy in audio form is the Tick Tock podcast. Tick Tock is dedicated to sharing time-saving tools with busy entrepreneurs and marketers. The podcasts are typically around seven minutes in length, so not only are they talking about saving you time: they aren’t wasting your time in the process.

LinkedIn Tick Tock

3) Tailoring Content to Your Target Market

“500+ connections” doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t know the people inside that number and how you can connect with them.

LinkedIn allows you to review analytics of the people reading your posts. By studying your reader base, you can tailor your publications to be more applicable.

LinkedIn Analytics

Read about reviewing your analytics in this LinkedIn blogpost.

In addition to studying your readers, join groups that encompass a specific audience you want to write for. Not everyone is interested in “The 5 Best Practices For Hiring a Carpenter,” but homeowners and home builders are. Use these groups to your advantage so you can publish for a more targeted audience.

4) Establishing a Personal Brand and Building Connections

Create purposeful connections by speaking in your voice. Sharing your thoughts, experiences, and insights gives a better portrayal of your leadership style and professional passions that may not come across through your profile.  

In doing so, you’ll attract other professionals interested in similar topics and endeavors and potentially have new business.


Don’t waste the vast network that LinkedIn has to offer. Let it work for you. Get your juices flowing with the LinkedIn Video series promoting publishing online.  

Now that you’ll be pumping out engaging articles, make sure your profile and LinkedIn practices are on par with your posts. Read and complete our LinkedIn Strategy Guide to make sure you’re optimizing your LinkedIn profile to its fullest.  

Struggling with your company’s blog? Check out this free 5 part email course. You’ll learn how to turn your blog’s readers into paying customers.

Posted on October 22, 2015 in B2B Sales, Content Marketing, Social Media

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