15 Podcast Marketing Companies, Agencies, & Firms to Know


You put all that work into creating a listen-worthy podcast. And then no one’s there to listen.

You could try a few of these unique podcast marketing tactics. But between recording episodes, your full-time gig, and catching up on Bridgerton (that Penelope — always stirring up drama), you don’t have the time to promote the dang thing.


Maybe you could use a podcast marketing agency…

What are the best podcast marketing companies? Here are 15 podcast marketing companies, agencies, and firms to compare:

1. Quill Mid-Large Companies  Powering Travel, CIBC Innovation Banking
2. Beacon Digital Mid-Large SaaS Companies The Top Floor: A Real Estate Management Podcast
3. Lower Street Industrial Manufacturing Enterprises Technology Untangled, Healthy Spaces
4. The Podcast Consultant Entrepreneurs, Financial Invest Like the Best, Opt Out Life
5. Midroll Enterprises WTF w/ Marc Maron, Office Ladies
6. Resonate Indie Creators, SMBs Culpable, Up & Vanished
7. Matter Enterprises, Nonprofits (Re)Learning Leadership, On the Tech Trail
8. Dante32 Entrepreneurs, SMBs Order Up, Rock Your Joy
9. Pivot Six Entrepreneurs, SaaS The Sales Pitch, Thinkspace
10. Single Grain SaaS Enterprises Marketing School, Leveling Up
11. PodReacher SMB SaaS Companies The NewsWorthy, Cloud Accounting Podcast
12. Repurpose House Entrepreneurs, Marketing Agencies Art of Charm, The Digital Marketer Podcast
13. PodShaper Entrepreneurs, Indie Creators Side Hustle Pro, Beyond Influential
14. Sweet Fish Media B2B SaaS Companies B2B Growth, The Sales Engagement Podcast
15. Podspike Entrepreneurs, Indie Creators The Pocket Astronomer, Players From the South

15 Podcast Marketing Companies, Agencies, & Firms

Let’s learn a little bit more about each of these podcast marketing agencies, shall we?


Quill is an award-winning podcast agency that specializes in corporate audio production with measurable impact. Their team of podcasting and audio content experts is dedicated to helping brands create content that’s worth listening to and drives reach, engagement, and results.

Services Include

  • Podcast branding & strategy
  • Series conceptualization 
  • Episode planning & scripting 
  • Audio recording
  • Audio editing & production 
  • Distribution to major podcast channels
  • Podcast listener analytics 
  • Audience growth & development 
  • Transcriptions for SEO

Who They Serve

Quill works with corporate companies to create impactful, results-driven podcasts. Their client portfolio of award-winning global brands spans nearly every industry, including tech, financial services, healthcare and more.

Quill’s client-base consists of brands like Microsoft, Expedia, and Loom.

Podcasts They Work With

  • Powering Travel 
  • CIBC Innovation Banking
  • The Great Indoors 

2. Beacon Digital


A certified HubSpot agency, Beacon Digital specializes in digital marketing and website design. They work with high-growth companies to market digital assets including podcasts.

Services Include

  • ABM strategizing
  • Keyword research
  • Content strategizing
  • Blog posts
  • Website design & copy
  • Email
  • Podcast production
  • PPC advertising
  • Marketing automation
  • Branding

Who They Serve

Beacon focuses on mid to enterprise-level companies that operate in cybersecurity, FinTech, RegTech and risk management, and B2B SaaS. Many of their clients have merged or been acquired by larger companies.

Podcasts They Work With

  • The Top Floor: A Real Estate Management Podcast

3. Lower Street


Lower Street is a small, UK-based team of podcast strategists that produces and promotes shows across many industries. They strive to build out podcasts that support broader business goals for their clients.

Services Include

  • Launch strategizing
  • Audio editing & mixing
  • Show notes
  • Content marketing
  • Cross-promotion partnerships
  • Advertising

Who They Serve

Though their client-base spans across several different industries, multiple Lower Street customers are enterprise-level industrial manufacturers and IT infrastructure providers.

Their team also works with entrepreneurs and financial service providers.

Podcasts They Work With

  • Technology Untangled
  • Healthy Spaces
  • Financial Futures

4. The Podcast Consultant


The Podcast Consultant — aka, Mathew Passy — has experience in the radio industry, most notably producing and hosting shows for the Wall Street Journal Radio network. Mathew uses his production and promotion knowledge to help his clients launch, edit, produce, publish, and market their audio products.

Services Include

  • Podcast strategizing
  • Podcast audit
  • Podcast launch
  • Social media consultation
  • Digital marketing consultation
  • SEO consultation
  • Host training

Who They Serve

The Podcast Consultant mainly works with entrepreneurs and businesses in the financial industry. Mathew has also consulted MDs and medical societies on creating and promoting podcasts.

Podcasts They Work With

  • Invest Like the Best
  • Opt Out Life
  • Empowered Health

5. Midroll


Closer to a podcast advertising agency than a holistic podcast marketing company, Midroll boasts one of the biggest ad networks in podcasting. If you’re hoping to launch a host-read ad campaign for your podcast, Midroll is a viable partner.

Services Include

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Campaign reporting
  • Brand endorsement
  • Access to a large ad network

Who They Serve

Midroll specializes in working with enterprise-level organizations like Proctor & Gamble and T-Mobile. Their network consists of shows hosted by Marc Maron, Conan O’Brien, and Oprah.

Podcasts They Work With

  • WTF w/ Marc Maron
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show
  • Office Ladies

6. Resonate Recordings


Offering pre and post-production services as well as content creation, Resonate’s services operate on a mix-and-match system. Add any of their podcast marketing services to your plan for a fixed rate.

Services Include

  • Show notes
  • Transcriptions
  • Audiograms
  • Social media graphics

Who They Serve

Resonate partners with indie creators and small-to-medium brands for the most part. They’ve also done work for larger organizations like Stanford University and Drift.

According to their client-base, Resonate focuses on highly-produced narrative shows more so than business podcasts.

Podcasts They Work With

  • Culpable
  • Counterclock
  • Up and Vanished

7. Matter


Matter covers everything digital marketing, including podcast promotion. Founded by Scott Signore in 2003, the marketing and PR agency builds comprehensive campaigns for clients including Cisco and JBL.

Services Include

  • Podcast strategizing
  • Podcast production
  • Video production
  • Copywriting
  • Brand identity
  • Audience engagement reporting

Who They Serve

Matter provides PR and marketing services to massive brands like Cisco and CVS Health as well as nonprofits. Industries they focus on include healthcare, B2B technology, food & beverage, cybersecurity, and sustainability.

Podcasts They Work With

  • (Re)Learning Leadership
  • On the Tech Trail
  • Matters at Hand

8. Dante32


Dante32 offers holistic podcast packages or services a la carte. The podcast marketing agency was founded in 2018 and focuses on bringing humanity to their clients’ messaging.

Services Include

  • Podcast creation & launch
  • Audio editing
  • Episode publication/syndication
  • Content creation
  • Transcriptions
  • Podcast audits

Who They Serve

Dante32 partners with SMBs, solopreneurs, and nonprofits to bring their messages to life via podcasts.

Podcasts They Work With

  • Order Up
  • Notes From the Backpack
  • Rock Your Joy

9. Pivot Six


Pivot Six is a marketing company made up of like-minded strategists and creatives. Their team specializes in startup growth, marketing communications, and partnership building.

Services Include

  • Podcast strategizing
  • Podcast consultation
  • Podcast audits
  • Workshops
  • Analytics & insights

Who They Serve

Pivot Six provides podcast marketing services to solopreneurs, indie creators, nonprofits, and real estate tech companies.

Podcasts They Work With

  • The Sales Pitch
  • Thinkspace
  • GirlBoss Radio

10. Single Grain


Back in 2014, Eric Siu purchased failing SEO company Single Grain for $2. Now, instead of focusing only on SEO, Single Grain is a full-service digital marketing agency that also offers podcast advertising services.

Services Include

  • Ad strategizing
  • Audience identification
  • Ad copywriting
  • Competitive analysis
  • Ongoing campaign tracking
  • Reports & metrics

Who They Serve

The team at Single Grain has worked with major tech companies like Salesforce and Amazon. They mainly serve enterprise-level B2B and B2C brands.

Podcasts They Work With

  • Marketing School
  • Leveling Up

11. PodReacher


PodReacher specializes in turning podcast episodes into keyword-rich articles. By focusing solely on repurposing episodes into blog posts, PodReacher helps its customers engage a larger audience than what a podcast can on its own.

Services Include

  • Blog posts
  • Show notes
  • Optimized written content

Who They Serve

PodReacher’s customers consist mainly of small to medium sized SaaS companies that have existing podcasts. Their team has also done work for nonprofit alliances and podcast production companies.

Podcasts They Work With

  • The NewsWorthy
  • The Jordan Harbinger Show
  • Cloud Accounting Podcast

12. Repurpose House


To make your podcast content go the extra mile, Repurpose House splits it into shareable snapshots. Their content hackers, content curators, and social schedulers create and post custom-made marketing assets for your social feeds, stories, and YouTube.

Services Include

  • Graphics sized for social media platforms
  • Edited video clips
  • Edited YouTube videos
  • Audiograms
  • Quote graphics
  • Animation

Who They Serve

Repurpose House works with serial entrepreneurs, mid-level marketing companies, and online learning platforms. They also serve event planning agencies.

Podcasts They Work With

  • Art of Charm
  • The Digital Marketer Podcast
  • The Money & Media Podcast

13. PodShaper


PodShaper is a podcast production and promotion agency that offers two pricing packages to customers. For post-production and marketing assets, plan on spending $1,000 for four episodes.

Services Include

  • Audio editing
  • Advanced sound mixing
  • Promotional sound bites for social media
  • Tweetable show quotes

Who They Serve

PodShaper works with a variety of indie creators and entrepreneurs involved with career development and living intentionally.

Podcasts They Work With

  • Side Hustle Pro
  • Beyond Influential
  • Trill MBA Show

14. Sweet Fish Media


The Sweet Fish team puts extra emphasis on repurposing on-point content from your podcast interviews. Beginning at pre-production, we partner with B2B brands to shape and hone their message in order to generate hard-hitting, actionable insights for your target audience.

Services Include

Who We Serve

We tailor our podcast promotion services to VPs of marketing at B2B SaaS companies.

Podcasts We Work With

15. Podspike

Podspike understands that it can be challenging to get your podcast heard, no matter how much work you put into production. That’s why they offer three tiers of podcast promotional services for individuals and businesses, focusing on traditional news coverage.

Services Include

  • Podcast promotions audit
  • Audience analysis
  • Copy editing
  • Accounts w/ affiliates like PodKite & Pod Bible
  • Advertising
  • Interview guidance
  • Promotional interviews
  • News coverage

Who They Serve

Podspike’s clients consist mainly of indie creators and solopreneurs with some experience in the modeling software industry.

Podcasts They Work With

  • The Pocket Astronomer
  • Players From the South
  • The DesignSpark Podcast

Podcast Promotion Services

You don’t have the time to record and promote your podcast to the masses. You deserve a podcast agency that takes the weight off your shoulders and does a good job doing it.

Get the most out of your podcast with a podcast marketing company. One that goes the extra mile and stretches your content as far as it can go.

Wanna talk about podcast marketing and promotion? We’re here for ya.