Launching a Podcast: Start Simple, Grow Exponentially

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There are countless benefits that come with producing your own B2B podcast.

You’re able to repurpose content.

Brand awareness increases.

You make strategic partnerships with guests.

There is one surprising perk, however, that our latest guest brought to our attention.

Eric Piela, Head of Buzz & Brand at CoSchedule and host of the Actionable Marketing Podcast, opens up about why podcasting has worked for his company. In doing so, he reveals a surprise benefit that we hadn’t necessarily noticed before:

By producing a podcast, you’re learning as much as your listeners.

Getting off the ground

When the Actionable Marketing Podcast was just starting out, they recorded in a basement with a cheap microphone. Their guests consisted of close colleagues and other team members at CoSchedule.

They weren’t about to let fancy logistics get in their way of sharing their message.

Now, the Actionable Marketing Podcast has a robust listenership and pulls in marketing geniuses from around the world. How did they accomplish this breakthrough?

By mitigating the complexities and focusing on the benefits of producing a podcast.

CoSchedule knew if they got the ball rolling, the podcast would become a consistent waterfall of informational content and strategic partnerships.

What they didn’t consider is how much they would learn in the process.

Do it for the listeners

Eric explains that CoSchedule launched their podcast for a handful of reasons.

  1. They have a highly-visited marketing blog. CoSchedule’s written content, including blog posts and downloadables, was getting an exceeding amount of traffic. Being the savvy marketers that they are, CoSchedule sought out to expand upon the blog’s success.
  2. Marketers need to have a wide knowledge base. It’s no longer sufficient for marketing professionals to focus on one specialization. You have to consider all of the touchpoints a customer encounters. CoSchedule saw a podcast as an opportunity to dive deeper into a marketer’s role.
  3. They wanted to reach more professionals. By launching a podcast, CoSchedule would be able to reach an even wider audience.
  4. They wanted to be seen as thought-leaders in the industry. CoSchedule wanted to make it possible for other members of the industry to look to them for answers.

CoSchedule’s #1 goal for their podcast was to become the marketer’s best friend. By genuinely wanting to help their listenership, the Actionable Marketing Podcast has been able to fulfill all of their initial goals. Plus, they’ve locked down top-tier guests and a professional recording studio.

They’ve also been able to learn… a lot.

Learning along the way

Eric remembers when the Actionable Marketing Podcast was able to wrangle their first “big fish,” they began rolling in a little easier.

ROI started being more obvious to measure in terms of downloads and subscribers.

One thing they couldn’t exactly measure but definitely knew was growing was CoSchedule’s overall knowledge of the industry.

Hosting myriads of influential guests allows the team to listen and learn from the industry’s best. Eric has the perfect platform to ask top marketing execs the really tough questions. Many of these insights are invaluable. Not to mention, the somewhat informal conversations cultivate stronger relationships between brands.

And none of it would’ve happened if CoSchedule didn’t take the leap.

Take a calculated risk

Worried about the logistics of launching a podcast?

Eric’s last piece of advice is to start simple and learn along the way. Not only will you continue to hone your podcasting craft, but you will gain priceless industry knowledge and connections.

You’ll never know until you try. Even if you have to start in a basement with a cheap microphone.