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3 Ways to Deliver Value Through Podcasting

Logan Lyles

VP of Customer Experience at Sweet Fish Media

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For this blog intro, we have to mix up the style a little bit. 

See, you’re reading a blog about a podcast about why podcasts work, in which we interview a host from a podcast from a site made famous through its blogs…

Y’all ready to get meta?

In our most recent episode of B2B Growth, we talk to Scott Barker, Head of Partnerships at Sales Hacker, evangelist at Outreach and host of The Sales Engagement Podcast.

Scott was originally a sales guy but years of selling to marketers turned him into one. And that transition also taught him a lot about the power of podcasting. 

And if our intro was at all confusing, don’t worry — Scott breaks down why podcasts work and how you can reap the rewards.

He goes over:

  • Why you need to deliver value outside your funnel
  • Why genuine curiosity always beats a hard close in podcasting
  • How podcasting strengthens partnerships

Why delivering value outside your funnel pays off

Scott started his career at Sales Hacker, an online community and media company made famous by the fantastic value it delivered to sales professionals worldwide. 

When Outreach bought Sales Hacker — which, to Scott’s knowledge is the first time a tech company bought a media company — it made sense. Outreach has a mission to help every single salesperson out there, which Sales Hacker was already doing with its content.

But most of the time, these value missions are designed to help every salesperson out there… who is already in that company’s funnel, a client or a prospect.

By purchasing Sales Hacker, Outreach extended their promise to deliver value to go before the funnel. That way, the first time anyone even hears about Outreach, their promise — their mission — has already begun. 

Essentially, as soon as you decide to be a sales professional, they are going to help you get better at that role. 

That same line of thinking runs through the value inherent to a podcast — and the value a podcast delivers. 

Podcasts are another weapon in an omnichannel arsenal with which you can reach not just prospects, but anyone who — despite being nowhere near a funnel yet — maybe one-day could become a prospect. 

In podcasting, genuine curiosity beats a hard close every time

Scott sees podcasting as multiple stages of delivering value.

We’ve already mentioned the first — delivering value with your content outside your funnel to people who may one day do business with you.

The thought leadership guests bring will get more people on the level of your content, which, in Scott’s case, is having more people pick up modern sales practices. And if more people are on your level, that is going to grow your total addressable market. 

The next area is the demand-generation a podcast can produce.

And, sure, this could be with your listeners — which is what most people think a podcast is for — but that’s difficult to track unless you’re pulling them to a landing page with a discount code or maybe getting them to go get a downloadable worksheet.

Where demand-gen really works is with your guests. 

Yeah, your listeners can benefit from what these thought leaders have to say, but your podcast interview is also like a live discovery. You’re asking questions and being curious about their business and their story — all the while amassing really interesting information about the person and company. 

Of course, that genuine curiosity can make or break this. If you handle it wrong, you’re actually hurting your opportunities. That is something that Scott learned when he went on a podcast and they tried to close him at the end: It was one of the worst experiences he’s had. 

Instead, work to build relationships. A podcast can deliver value through its ability to work as — a term we’re crazy about around here — content-based networking. 

Maybe you don’t need anything from your guests at all. But if you’ve built a solid relationship with them and, down the line, you do, then that relationship and trust will already be there. 

Podcasting to strengthen partnerships

The final way a podcast can deliver value is through the ability to strengthen channel partnerships. 

If there are companies complimentary to your business or they are a referral channel for you, then it makes sense to shout them out on the podcast or get their executive team on and build visibility it the channels you’ve created.

That way, even if you aren’t able to drive a bunch of referrals back to them, you can still provide them with value, thank them for the value they’ve provided you and encourage them to bring more business your way. 

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