The Multiplier Effect: How to Make Your Whole Team Smarter

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Overprotective parents are called “helicopter parents,” which is a great shortcut to make a really important point: 

Kids need to be allowed to learn from their mistakes. And they can’t do when a circling parent won’t let them make any in the first place. 

So, maybe we need a term like that for the overprotective sales managers holding back their reps. 

That’s one of the most common problems David Kreiger, President of SalesRoads, finds on sales teams — managers hopping on calls to save sales and, ultimately, undermining their reps learning. 

It’s a great example of a failure to harness the multiplier effect, which is a powerful concept you can use to make everyone on your team smarter and more effective.  

David came on the show today to explain:

  • What the multiplier effect is and how to harness it
  • Why reps need to make (and learn) from their own mistakes
  • Why coaches should listen more than they talk

Check out the book that inspired David:

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Logan Lyles

VP of Customer Experience at Sweet Fish Media

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